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grant writing classes

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Advanced Grant Writing Course Overview

This is What You Will Learn

  • Learn How To Incorporate The Advanced Get Funded 5 Point System™ Into Your Current Grant Writing And Reporting Efforts To Improve Your Overall Fund Development
  • Gain A Solid Understanding Of What Grant Management Is To Help You Develop A Step-By-Step Roadmap For Creating A Grant Management Strategy
  • Discover How To Incorporate Advanced Grant Writing & Awareness Strategies Into Your Efforts To Add Greater Credibility For Your Proposals
  • Learn Today’s Top 10 Best Practices And Trends In Grant Writing & Management To Increase Your Agency’s Future Funding
  • Learn the Top 5 DOs & DON’Ts In Grant Management And Discover Key Terms, Case Studies, Examples Of Grants That Were Not Managed Effectively So You Will 
  • Avoid These Costly Mistakes
  • Discover the 5 Essentials Grant Administrators Look For In Your Reporting And How to Develop An Effective Grant Management Team To Address It
  • Learn the 3 Keys Needed To Properly Evaluate & Use Grant Management Software That Will Best Suit Your Reporting Needs
  • Plus A Lot More!

grant central usa - empowering you for growth to get funded

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Upgrade Advance Online Grant Writing Course


During your check out you will have an opportunity to upgrade your investment and enjoy immediate access to our online grant writing course in addition to our in-person training. We also offer you the option of getting our grant writing resource manual as seen below.

Our manual provides all of your grant writing training materials in a downloadable PDF so you can easily save it or place it in an attractive 3 ring binder.  It's packed with grant writing articles, special reports, handouts, booklets and more to help you win grant money quickly. This is very popular with our students. $99 each ($125)

Our grant writing classes are designed to be interactive and engaging to help you remember all of the important essentials needed to secure grant money for your cause. We help you look and sound like a grant professional so you get funded.

Workshop Agenda

Tuition investment

Comprehensive Grant Writing Course  offers 8 in-depth sessions enabling you to learn the serious ins and outs of grant writing, and you gain access to a time-saving online grant proposal library packed with samples, templates, and savvy interviews. $350 each with upgrade ($795)  see video now!


The Professional Grant Writing & Coaching Course  is our most comprehensive, packed with 8 sessions of learning integrated into the advance grant writing topics. You also gain sharp results and oriented feedback from your one-on-one grant writing coaching sessions with a veteran grant writing coach; helping you succeed!$1,000 each with upgrade  ($1,750)  see video now!

Your Course Tuition is just $575 per person or Early Bird Special $499 per person (30 days before the event)

Group Discounts apply only when registering 5 or more people from your agency.

Please Note: Payment is not required to register. We accept Purchase Orders, Money Orders, Checks and most major Credit Cards. When you register you will receive an invoice.

What Others Are Saying

“Good Afternoon, I’m calling from the Los Angeles Urban League and I just wanted to let people know how wonderful I found the grant writing course. My colleagues and I enjoyed it. The instructor was phenomenal, very knowledgeable, friendly, enthusiastic. I couldn’t ask for a better day for a grant writing course.  I just wanted to share with you that you should experience it to. If you are interested in grant writing, whether you have experience or not.  You definitely want to check out the grant writing course through Grant Central USA.”  – Angela Dai’ Re

Grant Writing Class - Day 1
  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Overview of the Agenda
  • Grant Writing Workshop Goals,

       Questions and Action Steps

  • Learning to Think Like a Funder
  • Reviewing & Critiquing Grant Proposals
  • The Pillars of Successful Grant Writing

(The Three Legged Stool)

  • Overview of Grants (Public & Private)
  • Finding Grants
  • Prep-Work for Grant Writing 
  • Lunch Break (1 hours)
  • Common Mistakes In Grant Writing
  • Interview with a Funder
  • Approaching A  Funder Correctly
  • Understanding the Grant Process
  • Proposal Contents &
Elements of a Proposal
  • Common Grant Application
  • Recap Lessons Learned


Grant Writing Class - Day 2

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Overview of the Agenda
  • Revisit Grant Writing Workshop Goals,

       Questions and Action Steps

  • The Big Launch
  • Getting Your Team – Project Innovator
  • Developing An Effective Proposal
  • Cover Letter & Cover Sheet
  • Narrative & Need Statements
  • Program Methodology
  • Lunch Break (1 hours)
  • Developing An Effective Proposal
  • Goals & Objectives
  • Budgeting
  • Evaluations & Succession Plan
  • The Logic Model
  • Recap Lessons Learned
  • Q & A
  • Evaluation
  • Conclusion

Grant Writing Classes

course overview

Here’s What You Will Learn In Our Grant Writing Classes

  • The Absolute Best Ways to Approach Funders For Grant Money
  • The Top 3 Pillars For Writing a Successful Grant Proposal
  • 5 Proven Methods For Finding Funders That Give To Your Cause
  • Valuable Insight Into The Mindset Of The Ones Giving Out The Money
  • The 10 Essential DOs & DON’Ts in Grant Writing
  • 3 Skillful Ways To Make Your Proposal Stand Out From The Rest
  • Winning Strategies To Secure Government & Foundation Grants
  • How To Critique & Score Your Grant Proposal Just Like A Professional
  • Discover What Funders Look For in Your Proposal & How To Give It To Them
  • 7 Of Today's Best Practices & Trends in Grant Writing To Get A Competitive Edge
  • Insider Secrets on Making Your Proposal a Winner Before You Submit It
  • The Top 5 Time Saving Grant Writing Strategies and More!!
“Through coaching and specialized classes and instruction offered…we have had a 70% hit rate in grant application approvals…this relationship has proven to be very effective, with huge returns on our investment…”  - Wendell E. Hall

You Will Benefit From...


  • Two Full Days Of Expert Knowledge Plus Engaging Training
  • Easy To Understand PowerPoint Handouts Loaded With Grant Writing Insight
  • Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Prepare A Great Grant Proposal
  • Opportunities To Get All Of Your Grant Writing Questions Answered
  • Special Reports And Grant Writing Articles, Samples & Templates
  • Membership To Grant Writing Forum (Ongoing Support & Insight)